From winding single track to steep descents, the TERRACLAW™ performs on the widest range of trails imaginable. Our unique triangular lug design and layout releases debris and grit like no other, delivering optimum grip with every foot strike. At just 220g, the lightest, fastest version of the TERRACLAW™ is stripped-back for racing with equal measures of agility and speed with a finely tuned balance of performance and low profile protection.


The Meta-Flex™ is a groove in the forefoot that provides a natural flex point in the shoe, allowing the forefoot to function naturally with each and every step or jump


Multi finger polymer Dynamic Fasica Band™ (Yellow) aligns with the  metatarsals for increased benefit from the ‘Windlass Effect’, stretching and contracting to add a “kick” while maintaining form    and flexibility.


A truly unique sole design, utilizing a soft sticky rubber on the toe and arch areas for improved grip, a hard sticky rubber on the medial and lateral forefoot for improved wear rate.

Note that the sole is colour coded in two different colors in to showcase the technology.

1 ARROW (4mm Heel)